Our Services

The value of our services is derived from our commitment to constantly produce high quality work and build mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with our clients, partners and suppliers.

What We Do

Azari is constantly exploring new initiatives and opportunities in the rest of the emerging renewable energy markets. With our broad range of services, we execute projects in emerging and difficult markets as well as in well-established markets. We pride ourselves in taking the strength of the African continent into the world.

Our vision is to make innovation sustainable, thereby leaving a better future behind for our employees and the communities we impact. We encourage and support community development and participate in the upliftment of communities through well-planned community programmes. See our initiative to aid struggling families and schooling of orphaned children at https://www.reachsa.org/category/newsroom/


Project Management (PMBok)

We have a Project Management Office running on PMI’s PMBok project management standards. Each project is run according to these project management principles, which are integrated into our Integrated Business Management System in compliance with ISO 9001:2015.


Feasibility Studies

We have built capabilities to conduct feasibility studies and can therefore offer:

  • route surveys;
  • authority liaison and management throughout Africa;
  • engineering studies; and
  • wind farm operational and construction analyses.

Route Surveys

We can offer route surveys throughout South Africa in a short turnaround time due to our extensive database of routes. We are also making inroads into Sub-Saharan Africa and Africa at large.


Port Scope

Mainly focusing on the African continent, we offer land rental and management of port operations which includes vessel discharge, staging, and reloading for transport.


Transport Scope

Once again, mainly focusing on the African continent, we manage and execute the transport of turbine components from port to site, along with the required government liaison, route surveys, and obtaining of any permits and clearances.


Crane Scope

We offer full crane management services as part of the construction phase of the wind farm, having internal crane engineering capabilities. We work with various crane suppliers, thus lending us the opportunity to choose the best crane for the project, rather than an internal stock crane which might not be suitable for the specific project.


Installation Scope

We have full installation construction teams that cover the following scope:

  • offloading;
  • preparation;
  • main build;
  • mechanical; and
  • electrical finishing.

We also have a blade and general repair team to assist construction sites should repairs be needed. This team can do extensive and structural repairs on blades as well.

Our site management team includes:

  • experienced Site Manager;
  • Lead Technician;
  • Stock Controller;
  • HSQE Officer;
  • Quality Officer; and
  • Quality Technicians who conduct internal walk downs with our finishing teams prior to customer walk downs.

Inspection & Repairs

We have a dedicated team covering the following scope:

  • minor to extensive structural blade repairs;
  • turbine main component exchange and repairs; and
  • de-commissioning of wind turbines.

We have PowerClimber Blade and Tower Access Platforms to assist with the above scope of work.


Service & Maintenance

We have a maintenance and service team that conducts routine maintenance.